Pretzels Matcha Bites

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Pretzels Matcha Bites: They’re crunchy and flavorful! Sweet Salty and a balance taste of matcha. Perfect on their own or combine with Matcha Granola for a tasty snack – so many ways to enjoy!


Gluten-Free Organic Wheat Flour, Almond Flour, Maple Syrup, Organic Cane sugar, Canola Oil, 
Premium Grade Matcha Powder, White Chocolate, Vanilla extract & Salt.



Contains dairy and ground nuts

storage instructions:

Keep jar tightly closed. Store in dark, cool, and dry places. It is recommended to consume our Pretzels Matcha Bites within 3 months for the best taste. Refrigerate for best freshness.


Delivery will be arranged on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, confirmed upon submission of order.

*All Matcha Addict products are made in a facility that is following every rules and regulations of Halal. We are currently working  obtaining our Halal certification.