Premium Grade Matcha Powder - 50g

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Keep it at home! Enjoy matcha whenever you want it.
Our Premium Grade Matcha, is ground from hand-picked tea leaves of the green tea shrub, grown in the hills of Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. While many matcha products are matcha blends or mixed with green tea, Matcha Addict’s matcha powder is the real deal. The powder is 100% authentic matcha, ground from first-harvest tea leaves grown on a single farm — Our Premium Grade Matcha Powder has a balanced umami flavor, refreshing fragrance with a hint of natural sweetness.
We believe you should know where your matcha’s been and the journey it took to get to you.

Weight: 50gms 

The upside:

  • High concentration of chlorophyll, a natural detoxifier and liver-cleanser
  • High concentration of L-theanine, which calms the mind and improves focus
  • 37mg of caffeine per cup provide an energy boost without the crash
  • Packed with EGCg, which has been linked to faster metabolism, brain health, and reduced risk of cancer and diabetes
  • It’s delicious!
Best for: Beverages & Patisseries