Healthy Addiction

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The superfood everyone is talking about. These granola is rich in flavours with different texture profiles made with nutrient packed ingredients that will keep you full and satisfied

Making it perfect breakfast or snack.

It will definitely will keep you full and satisfied to fix your matcha addiction!



Fruity Nutty Matcha Granola x 1

Matcha Gula Melaka Granola x 1

Storage instructions:

Keep jar tightly closed. Store in dark, cool, and dry places. It is recommended to consume our Matcha Granola  within 3 months for the best taste.


Delivery will be arranged on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, confirmed upon submission of order.

*All Matcha Addict products are made in a facility that is following every rules and regulations of Halal. We are currently working  obtaining our Halal certification.