Our Story

About Our Founder : Meet Fiona.
It’s not a groundbreaking story, but it’s a story we can all relate to: our founder, Fiona, worked really really hard, didn’t sleep enough, traveled too much and had little time or energy to eat well. This unhealthy lifestyle developed into stomach issues, as well as loss in hair. After confronting many doctors about improving her health, she often left unsatisfied, causing her to search for alternative solutions. After heavy research, she stumbled upon reading about this magical-sounding tea, matcha.
As fate would have it, she went to try matcha product in a local cafe and surprisingly she loved the taste of matcha . The rest was history. Her kitchen became a test lab where she started importing matcha in from Japan so that she could get quality, organic matcha.
Finally she knew she had to do something more, something bigger. She needed to share the highest quality organic matcha in Malaysia. Matcha Addict was then born.

“We care. And we want you to care, too. We care what we put in our bodies and what you put in yours. We care about our footprint on the planet.”


What’s in a name? Why Matcha Addict?
When we all got together to brainstorm names for the company, we started with a quick exercise asking how matcha made us feel. We realized that a lot of similar words kept appearing such as “healthful, powerful, mindful, delightful and, addicted” That's when Matcha Addict was born. We all have our own matcha addiction story, but in our own unique way. Matcha has greatly impacted each of our lives and we're excited to hear how it impacts yours.