About Us

MATCHA ADDICT creates products, resources & experiences for traditional rituals to meet modern practices. We are inspired by the depth of global rituals that have been healing & transforming the world for thousands of years with an aim to define the ultimate #MatchaAddict experience.

Our approach is to introduce a modern perspective to the ancient tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony by preparing matcha in a minimalist way for an epicurean tasting experience.

What’s in a name? Why Matcha Addict?
When we all got together to brainstorm names for the company, we started with a quick exercise asking how matcha made us feel. We realized that a lot of similar words kept appearing such as “healthful, powerful, mindful, delightful and, addicted” That's when Matcha Addict was born. We all have our own matcha addiction story, but in our own unique way. Matcha has greatly impacted each of our lives and we're excited to hear how it impacts yours.